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Aguaje Fruit Extract Powder 90 Capsules


Aguaje Fruit Extract Powder 90 Capsules

  • No artificial Colour/Flavour
  • GMO-Free Ingredients
  • No Synthetic Filler & Binders
  • 90 Capsules
  • 1000 MG/Serving

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Aguaje Fruit Extract Powder Capsules – Unveiling Your Natural Beauty: Step into enhanced beauty and well-being with our Aguaje Fruit Extract Powder Capsules. This meticulously crafted supplement is designed to bring out the best in you, drawing from the incredible benefits of the Aguaje fruit. We invite you to experience a journey towards a more desirable physique and a healthier, empowered self. Discover the age-old beauty secrets of Amazonian tribes with every capsule.


Elevate Your Benefits with Beauty and Health:

  • Enhanced Curves: The Aguaje fruit, renowned for its natural phytoestrogens, offers you a unique opportunity to achieve those coveted curves. These phytoestrogens mimic the effects of the female hormone estrogen, playing a vital role in defining and enhancing your body’s natural contours.
  • Heart Health: Our capsules not only focus on beauty but also prioritize your heart health. The potent phytoestrogens contained within the Aguaje fruit extract contribute to better cardiovascular well-being by addressing risks associated with blood vessels. Prioritize your heart’s health and embark on a journey of holistic wellness.
  • Youthful Skin: Unlock the secret to vibrant, youthful skin with the Aguaje fruit’s skin protective properties. Enriched with an array of essential nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants, beta-carotene, and essential fatty acids, our extract works from within to detoxify your body and stimulate cell regeneration. Revel in the beauty of skin that exudes radiance and vitality.

Embrace the Aguaje Advantage:

  • Natural Approach: Our Aguaje Fruit Extract Powder Capsules stand out for their natural foundation. We harness the inherent power of the Aguaje fruit to offer you a solution rooted in nature, free from synthetic additives.
  • All-in-One Solution: Experience a comprehensive transformation as our capsules go beyond beauty enhancements. They offer a holistic approach by supporting bone health, fostering lower body curves, and even contributing to improved eye health. This multi-faceted advantage ensures that you are nurturing your entire being.
  • Amazonian Wisdom: Immerse yourself in the wisdom of Amazonian tribes. Our product carries the heritage of indigenous beauty rituals that have stood the test of time. Each capsule is a testament to their profound knowledge.
  • Convenience: Simplify your wellness journey with our convenient capsules. No need to navigate through the complexities of consuming Aguaje fruit directly. We provide you with a hassle-free way to enjoy its benefits, ensuring consistent and precise dosages.

Elevate your confidence and well-being with Aguaje Fruit Extract Powder Capsules. Reveal the curves you desire, nurture your heart, and indulge in the beauty of rejuvenated skin. VT Health Kart brings you the essence of the Amazonian beauty ritual, encapsulated for your convenience. It’s time to unlock the secrets to natural radiance and holistic health. Experience the Aguaje advantage today!

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Aguaje Fruit Extract Powder 90 Capsules
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $12.00.

Availability: 96 in stock